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Code Examples and Developer Resources

NEW! There is a new and improved version of my Calendar database. There are twice as many holidays and improved descriptions.

A Brief Personal Exploration of Software Development Philosophy and Practice and The Software Development Team

A Brief Explanation of How Database Server Software Works

A Brief Explanation of Designing a Normalized Database

A Brief Explanation of the evolution of XML

SQL Server Scripts for Database Design and Maintenance

Designing the Calendar-Holiday Database Application

To improve access to data and encourage innovation, the United States Census Bureau has begun to provide API access to some data sets.

Obtaining Census Bureau data directly from the Census Bureau APIs

My posts on this site are just subjects that caught my attention for a moment. If you are looking for an organized approach to SQL Server database subjects try:

Joe Celko's Stairway to Database Design on

Robyn Page's SQL Server DATE/TIME Workbench from Redgate Software's simple-talk newsletter

Mark S Rasmussen's SQL Server Storage Internals 101 from Redgate Software's simple-talk newsletter

Older Resources
A few small JavaScript and jQuery functions
I have spent some time writing or finding JavaScript and jQuery string functions and dynamic formatting functions that provide maximum functionality with minimum code. If you are interested in the code, use view source (Ctrl+u).
A Simple Calendar Database you can Download
Pre-calculating business days and holidays simplifies all kinds of date calculations and makes it possible to access this data through normal data access code and business logic code. The calendar includes secular, Christian, and Jewish holidays. I would have included more Islamic holidays, but the major Islamic holidays are not computed, they are determined by astronomic observation each year. The vagaries of visual observation can cause the date of a holy day to vary by a day.
This calendar covers January 2010 through May 2032. There are over 8,000 dates and over 2,500 holidays.
A Database Schema for User info, Authentication, Authorization, and Managing Passwords and Login Attempts
This database schema is the final version as documented in one of my database course sections.

Some links to resources for programmers.
SQL Server and t-SQL resources
Microsoft platform programming resources

Note: This page used to have dozens of resources, but I was too busy to keep all of the articles current. I have retained these articles because they are the most popular, and I could find time to maintain them.

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