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The Promoter or Producer

The following excerpt is from the book, Making the Show Go,
a work in progress by Conrad E. Muller and Nora J. Percival.

  1. Job Descriptions
    1. The Promoter or Producer
      1. The promoter finds the money, the act, and the hall. The promoter usually also hires the crew, although some performers and halls have their own crews. Most professional crews and performers expect to be paid at the show (or before it), and the promoter needs to be ready for this. Please, do deligate these jobs, but the promoter always has final responsibility.
      2. The promoter is the force behind producing the event. The chapter on Planning is first and foremost a checklist and some hints for the promoter.
      3. Once the production is under way, the promoter has three primary jobs:
        1. Keep the show on schedule. Don't worry about small delays, but the last thing you want is a bored and restless audience.
        2. Keep the show within budget (good luck!)
        3. Keep everyone working together smoothly. The best way to ensure a happy crew is to see that everyone feels appreciated.


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