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Seattle, Washington

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A Web site for publishing Oil Spil Response Plans

WRIA 7 Geographic Response Planning
Washington State Department of Ecology - For the Snohomish River, Washington
I designed an oil spill response plan management application for the Snohomish River Watershed (WRIA 7) in Washington State. Up-to-date response plans including maps are available on the Web.

I worked with stakeholders and Golder consultants to collect information on the requirements for data storage and presentation; developed a database and a data management tool to allow for quick and easy updating of multiple geographic response documents; integrated the data management tool with a complex spatial Web site which allows the user to create a series of reports that contain the most recent oil spill response plan for a specific area, customized for current weather and stream flow level.

I managed design, construction, and deployment of the underlying database, and did most of the database programming. Another developer did the GIS/Web programming. This application is built on SQL Server 2005 and ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.x. This front end section of the application is in Microsoft Access 2003.


This form has two sections. The section on the right allows the entry of data into the non-spatial database tables. The section on the left allows the assembly of data from the tables into Site data and Strategy data. The final forms selected from the bottom of the left section allow the assembly of Sites and Strategies into Response Plans for use by spill responders.
WIRA 7 Main Menu

This form allows the selection of an existing site to edit, or allows the addition of a new site. Site records are largely assembled from pre-existing data, as opposed to entering the data directly. Almost everything is selected from list boxes or dropdown lists.
Form used to select a site to edit

This is the form for adding/editing all of the information about a site that will be needed to make it part of a spill response plan. As you can see, there are tabs for four sub-forms because of the amount of information required.
Form to edit site and location data

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