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Web Sites by Conrad Muller

Projects I completed while I was at Golder Associates between 2006 and 2010.

Monitor Control System (MCS); Contract Compliance Application - Golder Associates - in the Middle East
My most recent Web/database project includes managing field inspectors using laptops remotely, call center reporting, internal messaging and external email, document management of several varieties, task management, news, help, some GIS, and, of course, management reports. This application was developed in ASP.NET 3.5 using Iron Speed Designer as the primary coding environment. Currently there are over 200 forms and reports built on 63 tables. The database is on SQL Server 2008. I am the designer and primary developer.
Municipal Water Management System (MWMS) - City of North Bend, Washington
A Web/database application to manage water production and purchase for compliance with required stream flows and municipal water rights. I worked with stakeholders and Golder water resources consultants to develop the list of requirements. The application automates the complex calculations needed to manage municipal water. Simple reports are provided for daily water system operations and more complex reports are provided for city management and other stakeholders. Developed in ASP.NET 2.0 with over 70 forms and reports built on over 30 tables using Iron Speed Designer as the primary coding environment. The database is on SQL Server 2005. I am the sole designer/developer.
Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide (GARD Guide) - The International Network for Acid Prevention
Strictly speaking this is not a programming project. I designed and built a Wiki for an organization of international mining companies dedicated to reducing liabilities associated with sulphide mine materials. The Guide is built on Media Wiki. I created the organiztion and navigational structure and edited the graphics, tables, and text.

I designed and created the following sites as an independent developer.

Sea Mar Community Health Centers
This is the original Sea Mar Community Health Centers Web site. It was finished in 2005 and was bilingual in Spanish and English. This site had more than 100 pages in each language. It was replaced with a more extensive Web site in the spring of 2011.
Web sites from 1999
This was the Web site of a Native owned tour company in Juneau Alaska circa 1999.
This was the Web site of the Alaska Marine Highway (Alaska ferry system) in Juneau Alaska circa 1999.

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