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The Sponsor

The following excerpt is from the book, Making the Show Go,
a work in progress by Conrad E. Muller and Nora J. Percival.

  1. Job Descriptions
    1. The Sponsor
      1. Who is a sponsor, and what do they do?
        1. A sponsor is a person or organization which provides backing for the production of an event. The sponsor is usually a business or organization that wants publicity, or wants to do a public service, or wants to raise money.
        2. The sponsor can provide a name, and provide backing and/or credit. The sponsor is often responsible for financing the show.
        3. Sponsors can help in other ways, too.
          1. Sponsors may provide free publicity in their organizations newsletter, ads, etc.
          2. Members or employees of the sponsoring organization may help with the production.
        4. If the sponsor is a registered non-profit organization there can be some significant bonuses.
          1. Some public halls charge nonprofit groups lower rates. Be sure to ask.
          2. Non-profit organizations also avoid paying some taxes and fees, and you might avoid some bookkeeping.
          3. You may be able to sell concert tickets to people who simply want to support the non-profit organization.
        5. Why would an organization want to be responsible for the finances of a concert?
          1. In return for their support and the use of their name the sponsors receive a portion of the profits.
          2. An organization can get good publicity and even recruit new members.
            1. An organization can sell posters, tee-shirts, mugs, etc., at the performance to raise money. They might even sell refreshments.
            2. The concert may even be a good place to talk briefly about the sponsor's issues, or hand out fliers, or sell newspapers.
      2. How can you find a sponsor?
        1. Talk to members of service organizations that might like to raise money or get publicity.
        2. Approach merchants, merchants groups, or shopping centers, who have done local events to create publicity in the past.
        3. Apply for a grant from a government agency.
      3. How do you become a sponsor?
        1. Find a Promoter you can work with.
        2. Become a Promoter yourself.
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