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Monitoring Contract Compliance in the Middle East

Golder Associates had a contract with the government of a middle eastern country to monitor the performance of solid waste management handling by contracted service providers. The total value of the contracts is several billion dollars. Golder was awarded the contract compliance responsibility based on extensive experience with supporting waste service providers in the United States.

This application was created for the middle eastern office of Golder Associates. The heart of the application is a module to record field inspector reports and track them to resolution.

Field Inspector Incident Report with before and after photos

Incident report with before and after photos

Monitor Control System (MCS) as Currently Implemented

MCS Functions:
MCS Features:
MCS Value:

This is a screen shot of the Login page showing a Google map with an overlay. In this case, the overlay shows the outlines of
Service Area 1, which are called "Lots". The smaller divisions are called Sectors

Within the application other maps are used to find latitude and longitude on forms where site information is entered or edited.
Maps with overlays are also used for some reports.

Login page showing Google map with overlay

This diagram displays the overall workflow for field inspectors entering a report while in the field. This was a preliminary
version used to create the first prototype.

Overall workflow for site inspections

This is a screen shot of a reduced image of the MCS database schema diagram in Visio. Colors of tables indicate functional
modules and lines are colored to indicate the joined table which has the primary key.

Reduced image of the MCS database schema

Information on this page is used with the permission of Golder Associates which holds the rights to the MCS application.

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