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Automating the printing of a form letter which includes selected sections of regulations.

Alaska Statutes Form


This is a sample of the table containing the Regulations.
AS 43.23.005. Eligibility. (a) An individual is eligible to receive one permanent fund dividend each year in an amount to be determined under AS 43.23.025 if
  1. the individual applies to the department;
  2. on the date of application the individual is a state resident;
  3. he individual was a state resident for at least the calendar year immediately preceding January 1 of the current dividend year;
  4. the individual has been physically present in the state at some time during the prior two calendar years before the current dividend year; and
  5. the individual is
    1. a citizen of the United States;
    2. an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States;
    3. an alien with refugee status under federal law; or
    4. an alien that has been granted asylum under federal law.
  (b) [Repealed, 18 ch 4 SLA 1992.]
  (c) A parent, guardian, or other authorized representative may claim a permanent fund dividend on behalf of an unemancipated minor or on behalf of a disabled or an incompetent individual who is eligible to receive a payment under this section. Notwithstanding (a)(2) - (4) of this section, a minor is eligible for a dividend if, during the two calendar years immediately preceding the current dividend year, the minor was born to or adopted by an individual who is eligible for a dividend for the current dividend year.
  (d) Notwithstanding the provisions of (a) - (c) of this section, an individual is not eligible for a permanent fund dividend for a dividend year when
  1. during the calendar year immediately preceding that dividend year the individual was sentenced as a result of conviction in this state of a felony;
  2. during all or part of the calendar year immediately preceding that dividend year, the individual was incarcerated as a result of the conviction in this state of
    1. a felony; or
    2. misdemeanor if the individual has been convicted of two or more prior crimes as defined in AS 11.81.900

[Repealed, 62 ch 21 SLA 1991.]

  (f) In a time of national military emergency, the commissioner may waive the requirement of (a)(4) of this section for an individual absent from the state under military orders while serving in the armed forces of the United States, or for the spouse and dependents of that individual.
  (g) For purposes of applying (d)(1) of this section, the date the court imposes a sentence or suspends the imposition of sentence shall be treated as the date of conviction. For purposes of applying (d)(2)(B) of this section multiple convictions arising out of a single criminal episode shall be treated as a single conviction. (§ 1 ch 102 SLA 1982; am § 1 ch 57 SLA 1987; am § 1 ch 54 SLA 1988; am § 1 ch 159 SLA 1988; am §§§ 2, 3 ch 107 SLA 1989; am § 1 ch 68 SLA 1990; am § 1 ch 68 SLA 1991; am §§ 4,5,6,7,8 ch 4 SLA 1992; am §§ 2, 3 ch 46 SLA 1996)
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